Print the game out and test your vocabulary!
at the bottom of the page.
For years:
6 - 10 (ages 11 - 15)

Match the twelve vocabulary words on the left to the definitions on the right. Have fun!

    1. _____ sentimental

    2. _____ disagreeable

    3. _____ compost

    4. _____ resentment

    5. _____ exposure

    6. _____ disgraceful

    7. _____ sensor

    8. _____ gratify

    9. _____ postal

    10. _____ sentinel

    11. _____ congratulatory

    12. _____ supposition

    a. - Of or pertaining to the mail service or mail offices

    b. - Expressive of, showing or having tenderness, emotion, delicate feeling, etc.

    c. - State of being laid open to danger, attack or harm; act or instance of revealing or unmasking

    d. - Bringing or deserving strong disfavor by others; shameful; losing respect, honor or esteem

    e. - A person or thing that stands watch to preceive danger and warn others; a sentry

    f. - Something that is assumed as true; assumption; hypothesis

    g. - To give pleasure to (a person or persons) by satisfying desires or humoring feelings

    h. - A mixture of decaying organic matter, such as leaves, used for fertilizing soil

    i. - Expressing pleasure to a person(s) on a happy occasion, praiseworthy accomplishment or good fortune

    j. - A feeling of displeasure, ill-will at someone/something regarded as the cause of injury or insult

    k. - A heat or light sensitive mechanical device that transmits a signal

    l. - Contrary to one's taste or liking; offensive; unpleasant in manner or nature; grouchy; surly.

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